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How to connect a raw, vulnerable piece to its audience with POWER 

Let it all out, connect the pen to the mind and let its ink bleed into the papers, finding its way out of you, raw, untouched, beautiful. 

But how do we communicate to others, to our audiences? How do you let others feel what you’re feeling? 

By making it powerful. There’s never shame in an edit. With an acronym, POWER, I’d like to invite everyone to take another step in growing their artistry, and consid POWER another tool in the Writer’s Shed. 

Now, what is POWER?



Well Articulated



As a writer, that one is the kicker. Never let the fear of what other may think ruin your art. Make sure that whatever you write is authentic to you, because at the end of the day it’s what will matter most. 

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To My First Love

Updated version093’s of my work (: please click the link below to read the rest and give me your feedback!

If you loved me like I did you, you’ll know how much I miss you My heart beats for you With you I ran wild and free, pouring my heart and soul out along the way On our path that we cleared and made our own If you’d known every time I saw you I […]

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Written by Jacob Ibrag You’re tempted, more than you ever have been. You wouldn’t  do a thing though, it’s not who you are. Accept maybe, a touch  to confirm a stance you have yet to test. Yes, a touch and nothing more. He knows you’re taken, which you have mentioned not more than fifteen minutes ago, then why […]

Read this! Truly beautiful

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Why is there something that always needs to be wrong? Can we not just
let our minds rest? Let ourselves be without an existing problem every second? Why do we always have to be self-proclaimed detectives, behavior analysts, researchers? 
If you have anxiety, there won’t always be a problem. There isn’t something to always solve; to break down, dissect. Especially when there is not a logical reason for there to be an issue. But we let ourselves get away with always assuming the worst option(s) is/are going to be our outcome(s). Those options are usually going to be the obvious no’s on a multiple choice test. Not everything is going to be the worst outcome in life. People love and care about us, bringing good. Plenty of it. Allow yourself to be happy. You’re a good person. You deserve good things. Expect positive things to happen and they will, the self-fulfilling prophecy. Proceed with caution, but don’t let anxiety be your backseat driver. Love yourself.

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By Tom Payne and Chris Greenwood More than half of drivers stopped on suspicion of drug-driving are failing roadside tests for illicit substances, the Daily Mail can reveal today. According to a survey of police forces, about 60 per cent of suspects were using cocaine, cannabis or other banned highs. In total, officers have caught […]

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To My First Love 

If you loved me like I did you, you’ll know how much I miss you

My heart beats for you

With you I ran wild and free, pouring my heart and soul out along the way

On our path that we cleared and made our own

If you’d known every time I saw you I  filled with warmth; feeling whole and complete

If you’d known that, then maybe you would’ve spared the damage made to my heart

Oh, real and crazy it was, I loved you from the start

Maybe knowing this would’ve kept our worlds from splitting apart

Perhaps it isn’t yet meant for us

Perhaps it will be;

And maybe it won’t

Perhaps we were too young

Maybe we haven’t fulfilled our dreams enough to merge as one

But maybe, just maybe, too much water has flooded under our bridge

Know that I love you,

If our bridges never connect and the water never leaves

My love for you ran so deep

Know that I’ll always care

But you’ve left a whole in my heart

Someday it will repair

And I’ll  reflect on the love that sent me on a tailspin

I’ll smile; I’ll think of you

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“Campaigning in the Modern World” excerpt


“In Marsa’s interview for Discover magazine (2013), Harper Reed was presented with the question,  

The campaign microtargeted voters by firing off emails or posting messages on Facebook that were shaped to appeal to their particular interests or causes using tracking software, similar to ones used by online retailers to craft ads. Is that how you were able to tailor political messaging to such a degree? (p. 28)

Reed claimed that the key to their team’s success was listening. Searching through trending topics allowed them to monitor what people were doing and opened up the doors for them to create messages for different subtypes of people (Marsa, 2013, p. 28). The question arising from this is whether or not this is a government overreach. The fourth amendment gives protection against unreasonable search and seizure. According to Reed, the Fourth Amendment allows the data-mining that his team engaged in. In the Discover interview with Marsa (2013), he makes the point that when you use Facebook or Amazon, you agree to their terms of service and their data usage. And as a consumer, you can always not use it. It’s the same with the campaign. We used publicly available data…” (p.28).To an extent, Reed’s point is true. When a person agrees to a social platform’s terms and data usage, they may be allowing the government access to whatever they choose to publicize. Anyone is capable of seeing an internet post. However, the Center of Digital Democracy’s executive Jeffrey Chester challenges Reed’s stance. “Social Media and Politics” (2012) is an article in CQ Researcher that includes an interview with Chester conducted by Tom Price. Chester suggested that the Obama’s technology team was made powerful through invading citizen’s privacy.  He raised the question,  “Do we really want giant political parties and well-funded special interest groups like the Super PACs compiling millions of dossiers on voters and becoming a series of private National Security Agencies or FBIs” (p.870).  These groups supply campaigners with a significant amount of information on eligible voters, and this adds to the amount of microtargeting in campaigning. The data collected provides an almost unlimited array of demographic information (Price, 2012, 870).

Reed acknowledges that the technology was used to gather as much data as they could to ensure that the message was being delivered to the right person. When the message was read the recipient was asked to share the message with their friends. Even if it was shared, the team combed through the already targeted peoples friend’s list to find other possible recipients. Also, the team posted public messages and looked to see which one received the most attention. This helped them to determine which messages were useful, and which were not (Marsa, 2013, p.29). It’s believed by Chester that there is not sufficient enough disclaimers informing the electorate on what information is being released when online. For this purpose, Chester recommends reform. It’s his idea that the federal government “adopt new rules enabling voters to decide how their data is collected and used” (Price, 2012, 881). Chester’s suggestion is a compromise, it generates transparency between the government and the people. The government can continue innovating campaign methods while the people are aware and in charge over what information is released.

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